elephas mission
To develop innovative cancer diagnostic products and services that enable accurate prediction of clinical treatment outcomes and accelerate drug development

about us

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, with the number of patients projected to triple by 2060. Despite recent advances in precision medicine and a significant increase in the number of available therapies, only 1 in 3 patients receiving therapy respond.

Elephas is solving this problem by developing an imaging platform technology to assess how live tumor fragments respond to cancer therapies. We are removing the trial-and-error approach to cancer care by harnessing the latest advances in cancer biology, multimodal microscopy, and artificial intelligence to accelerate drug development and empower clinical decision making.

Our unique approach maintains the native 3-dimensional cellular architecture and micro-environment of the patient’s tumor, enabling rapid real-time profiling of live tumor samples with immuno-oncology agents, targeted therapies, chemotherapy, and cell therapies.


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We are bringing together a group of highly talented people, all committed to delivering a transformative diagnostic solution and bringing hope to cancer patients worldwide. People truly come first to us and we are committed to building a company culture of inclusivity, empowerment, curiosity, generosity and fun.

our values

  • Deliver patient-centric solutions
  • Deliver quality
  • Be science-driven
  • Be curious and innovative
  • Be generous and honest
  • Be a good partner and teammate
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