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Revolutionizing cancer care by identifying the right immunotherapy from the start

Immunotherapies activate a person's own immune system to fight disease. They can achieve durable, curative responses and hold great promise for patients facing cancer. Despite a significant increase in the number of available immunotherapies, only 1 in 5 patients receiving immunotherapy respond1. Furthermore, many who may potentially respond are not eligible for immunotherapy due to a lack of accurate predictive biomarkers of response. At Elephas, we're changing that with a novel diagnostic platform powered by advanced imaging.  

Introduce therapies

Prepare sample And protect TME


Assess Baseline


Assess changes


View results in 72 hours


First, prepare and protect

At the foundation of our platform is the use of fresh biopsies from the patient. Our unique process prepares the live biopsy for baseline and therapeutic response assessment through proprietary cutting and encapsulation methods. These protect the native 3-dimensional cellular architecture and tumor microenvironment (TME) to maintain biological relevance for every patient's unique case.

Then, observe the response of a patient’s tumor to immunotherapy

Our advanced imaging technology enables visualization of the live, native tumor microenvironment, including immune cells and their response to immunotherapies over a 72-hour window. The platform is designed to demonstrate whether a specific immunotherapy is effectively triggering cytotoxic T cell activation and immune-mediated tumor cell killing.

Advanced Imaging

Our technology and world-class team put Elephas at the frontier of advanced clinical imaging capabilities, utilizing dynamic optical coherence microscopy (dOCM), multiphoton microscopy (MPM), and multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging (MP-FLIM) to predict response to immunotherapy. Advanced imaging is central to our approach because the amount of tissue from a biopsy is small and heterogeneous in content and cellularity. By non-destructively evaluating the entire volume of the biopsy, we can normalize for heterogeneity and assess viability of the tissue over time. Elephas is the only company to combine multiple advanced imaging techniques into one proprietary instrument. By combining the image data with commercially available assays including cytokine changes, H&E, and multiplexed immunofluorescence, our platform unlocks novel insights into the tumor microenvironment.


dOCM allows for rapid visualization of viability.

MPM: Two fields of view from the same tumor, demonstrating the heterogeneity inherent in tumors.

Cas-Green (detects apoptosis); CD8 (T cell); NAD(P)H (metabolism); SHG (extracellular matrix/collagen)

National Advisory Group

We are proud to work with key opinion leaders from some of the most respected oncology centers across the country to bring this revolutionary clinical diagnostic product to market. They bring experience and deep expertise across cancer types, immunotherapeutic approaches, pathology, and advanced imaging.


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Reference: 1. Chen et al., 2016 Cancer Discovery.

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